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The Slaughter of the Innocent



                        Dr. Dalma Hunyadi Brunauer

                        The Slaughter of the Innocent



Good Friday. High noon.

A beautiful, healthy male,

in the full glory of his manhood,

but now bloodied with lashes,

blood streaming down his face,

bruised from multiple falls,

is hurled to the ground,

stripped from the last  rag

protecting his modesty,

naked for all to mock.

Those beautiful, blessed  hands,

always ready to touch and heal,

those lovely feet, ready to walk,

climb, descend, to find those

who are lost,

cruelly forced down to the

splintery wood  and pierced…

Oh, the agony!  But worse is

to come! When lifted up, the

whole weight rests on those

pierced-through wrists, pulling

his arms out of their sockets…

Flashing pain in his back…

And to know that this is forever.


There will be no release, just

More pain, body of soul and mind

Until the bitter end…

And why? His mother and his friend

Looking up at him, ask the same question.

What became of the promise, the adorable child,

the loving Master? What became of the hope for a

nobler world?

Yes, he did rise up, came back,

spoke to them, gently, then left them.

They had his promise again and again

Of the Kingdom.

But two thousand yeaars of cruel

Men followed

Wars, bloodshed and hatred.

Though Easter came and went,

the rabbi was right who, when

told that the Mesiah had come,

ran to the window, cried, „Where?



Tokyo, 1994.



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